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10 Tips for Search Engine Optimisation Part 3

This series of articles started with part 1 and part 2. Don't forget, each tip on its own will not get you to the top of the search engines, but carry them all out on your site and you should be well on the way.

1. Get Yourself a Google Webmaster Tools Account

Google offers this for free and it can quickly highlight any problems with the pages on your site. It is this area where you submit your Google site map.

2. Read Google's Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Google are the main player in the Search Engine World so their advice must be worth listening to.

3. Watch Matt Cutt's videos and read his website

Matt Cutts is seen as one of the world's leading authorities on Search Engine Optimisation. He has some excellent videos on YouTube as well as a very informative website.

4. Write Naturally

It can be tempting to write your content based on frequency of keywords and forget the fact that it is going to be ready by a human. Google are getting better at picking up on this so as a rule of thumb, if it reads well to a human, it will read well to Google.

5. Use "alt" tags in your images

These tags (which you can control in the AB Publish Control Panel) tell users with disabilities or with low bandwidth what the image refers to. Do not simply stuff keywords in here. If your image is relevant to the content, then your informative alt tag will also be informative.

6. Research Your Keywords

It's no good trying to get to the top of page 1 for a phrase for which people rarely search. Do some research and pick key phrases you know to be popular.

7. Never Rename or Delete a Page

AB Publish gives you the option to rename a page or even to delete it. This should only be done at the point you are creating the site. Pages that disappear without redirection make Google think that there is a problem with your site. So avoid doing it if at all possible.

8. Validate Your HTML

The W3C Website has an excellent online validator that allows you to check the syntax of the HTML code that lies behind your website. Fortunately, an AB Publish site produces valid code that will pass the validator's tests. If you ever discover a page which does not then please let us know.

9. Do Not Duplicate Content

Duplicating content makes Google suspicious so do not write the same things on different pages of you site or worse, on different websites.

10. Check for Broken Links

Broken links are a sign of a poorly maintained website. Use something like the excellent Xenu Link Checker to make sure that you have no broken links on your website.

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