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Content is King - go and check your Business Website pages now!

Content is KingOk - we have all heard this many times.

You can find AB Publish articles about Search Engine Optimisation and how important your content is to keeping visitors on your Business Website and not going to competitors:
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You can find articles explaining what you should put on your website:
5 Steps to a Great Home Page or What should I put on my Website


But there is another aspect to Content is King which you must get right if you want to keep your visitors interested.
And interested visitors are more likely to turn into customers.

People use Browsers to navigate the Internet!

Before you switch off, turn round or even worse, click on a competing website, hear me out.
I know this is not a secret, but there is a secret within this sentence!
The secret is the word “Browse

How do people read the Content of a Business Website?

People do not read Internet Sites like a book, they browse them.
Interesting and captivating Internet Pages are more like brochure pages or document summaries.
The salient points must be easy to find.

Visitors decide within the first 3 seconds whether your Internet Page is useful to them or not!

I believe one of the most important aspects about the content of Business Websites is the presentation.
Yes the text is important. But great text poorly presented will result in your visitors going elsewhere.

There are various approaches which will render your Internet Pages more interesting:

The AB Publish Business Website Creation System offers an easy, intuitive control panel.
Use this to provide great content…but do not forget that great content must include great presentation.
If you do, then your Business Website will really contain kingly content!

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