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There is something that was once commonplace and to my amazement, still exists on some websites. It is the message that tells you which browser and which screen resolution it is best to view their website or even worse, a message that tells you that you must install Flash in order to view their web page.

I find it astonishing that web designers and small business owners feel they have the right to dictate what browser and even more incredibly what screen resolution their customer must use.

Website Creation and Popular Web Browsers

Let us look at web browsers first of all. The main browsers in popular use today are:

There are also many other browsers in use but the above list covers the vast majority of users. Since I started in web design, I have always made it my mission that the sites I design will work in all popular browsers currently in use. It was once a difficult task. When Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were the two most popular browsers, their interpretation of website layouts was very different. I almost had to design each website twice.

However, design them twice I did because in my view it is stupid to dictate to your customers which web browser they must use.

Now here I must make a confession. The sites I design including those created using the AB Publish website designing tool, will not work on Netscape Navigator. Nor will they look very good in Internet Explorer below version 5. There may even be one or two problems with Internet Explorer version 6. However, in terms of the age of the Internet, these browsers are positively prehistoric. Anyone using these browsers will find that many websites do not work in them.

I am proud to say that all my websites work in all modern browsers and I must say that the effort required is minimal. I design sites based on the latest World Wide Web Consortium's latest standards which all web browsers are gradually adhering to and where there are any differences, I code the site to make up for this.

Website Creation and Popular Screen Sizes

But even worse than this are the companies who tell you what screen size you should use. This is utterly ridiculous. Why should you go out and buy a new screen just to look at their website? Why should you lower the excellent resolution your brand new screen gives you?

Screen widths of below 1024 pixels wide are generally accepted as fitting on most PC screens including the increasingly popular net books. All sites designed using the AB Publish website creation tool fit into this size.

So you can be confident that when you design your own website using our online creation tool, you will not be dictating to your customers which browser or screen size they should be using.

Tue 5 April 2011 10:15:18

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