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First, Create your own Business Website... next Validate it!

AB Publish offers an intuitive online interface where you can have your Website up and running in minutes.
You just type in the text and upload your photos using the easiest control panel around.
This Website Creation System generates the pages of your website and it is these that are visible to the visitors to you Internet Site.

The generated pages are written in a computer language called HTML.
This language provides the structure, appearance, content and style to make your Business Website unique and just the way you want it.

Like any language (French, Turkish, Portuguese...) this language has its own grammar, vocabulary and syntax.
Every page on your company Internet site is supposed to follow these rules.

Business Internet sites created with the AB Publish website creation system are designed so that the latest standards and rules are followed. However, there is a way to be sure!


Validate your Business Website now!

W3 Consortium Logo

There is a great website offered free by the W3 Consortium.
It can be found at

This will check your generated pages produced by the AB Publish website creation system complies to the standards set by the W3 Consortium (this is the organisation that issues the HTML standards).

Just as a page written in English or Turkish may include spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, the pages on your Business Website may contain errors and not follow the rules and syntax of the HTML language.

The practice of checking your document follows these rules is called validation and any page that passes this process is called valid.


Is a valid Website a good website?

A valid Business Website is one where every page has been checked against the grammar and rules, and where every page passes.
This does not necessarily mean the resulting Internet site is good, although an invalid Website has little chance of being a good Internet site.

If your pages pass the W3 Consortium validation test it means that a tool has found that that page complies with a set of rules and standards, no more and no less.
You must not think that a valid Business Website is a quality Internet site.


Why produce a Valid Business Website?

Validating your Internet site has certain benefits:

Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Success
Browsers will accept any pages from your Internet site and will attempt to display them even if they are not legal HTML.
The browsers take a best guess and will usually display something.
The problem is that different browsers (or different versions of the same browser) will make different guesses.
This may result in your Business Website appearing to work in your favourite browser, even though it contains errors - these errors are ignored by this particular brand of browser. Another person using a different browser, a different version of the same browser, or a different platform may find the errors are not ignored and so your page is not displayed correctly.
If all pages on your Internet site are coded to standards, they are more likely to work in all browser/platform combinations.

Ensures Future Compatibility
All browsers change and evolve over the years. However they all aim for backwards compatibility and compliance to the latest standards as issued by the W3 Consortium. If the pages on your Internet site meet the existing HTML standards, they are very likely to meet all future versions of the standards.

Allows easy maintenance
The standards issued by the W3 Consortium have been agreed on by Web professionals, many of which have developing Internet sites for years. Following the standards accepted by a wide range of professionals makes your Business Website easier to maintain, even if the maintenance is performed by someone else.

Help Search Engine Optimisation
In the same way browsers take a best guess and will usually display something, search engine robots will do the same. If there are errors on your Internet site, these robots will behave in different ways. Their job is to process your Business Website, looking for keywords. The keywords are then indexed and used to provide results in the search engines. Errors may result in part of the pages within your Internet site (or if the error is found early on the page, the entire page) to be ignored. This means you may be missing out on the indexing of your keywords.

The worst case scenario is where your page contains so many errors and is so invalid that the browser is unable to display anything or the search engine robots are unable to find any keywords to index.


Concluding thoughts about validation of your Business Website

The AB Publish Business Website online system has been designed to produce valid pages.
This is to ensure you entire Business Website meets the standards issued by the W3 Consortium.

Even if your Internet site looks fine, it is possible to "trick" the interface, and so one last check via the W3 Validator (which is free to use and is maintained by W3 Consortium staff and benevolent volunteers) will ensure your Business Website meets the latest rules.

It is true that many household name Internet sites are not valid, but this is no reason why you should not check your own Business Website against the W3 Consortium standards. Household name companies expect people to visit their Internet sites because of their name and in spite of the poor websites - you do not have that luxury!

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