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Five Tips for Keeping Visitors on Your Website

So you have a website, it is optimised for the search engines and you are getting visitors. But are those visitors turning into customers? These are what I consider to be the five most important aspects to keep people on your website and turn them into customers:

1. Clean Uncluttered Design

It may be tempting to dazzle your visitor with a whole array of widgets and animated flashing colourful graphics, but nothing will do more to tempt them to click the back button. When the first graphical web browsers first appeared in the mid 1990s, web designers went overboard in creating movement and colour that could make you feel ill if you stared at it for too long. But not now.

Choose a crisp, stylish and cool layout and your stress-free visitors will be more likely to stay.

2. Clear Navigation

Do not hide your menu items behind spinning animations or cool looking but inscrutable graphics. Make it obvious where the customer clicks. A nice simple menu across the top (or near the top) or down the left hand side (again near the top) is what most people expect. Don't confuse the customer.

3. Tell The Customer What You Do

Again, I am thinking of those businesses that like to hide behind stylish concepts and obscure motivational phrases. But unless you are a well known company, the customer is going to be completely mystified. Tell them exactly what you do on your home page. It not only helps your customer understand exactly what the business is about, it helps you in the search engines as they love lots of on-subject text on a website.

4. Use Pictures

A website without pictures is boring and dull. Not only that, pictures and graphics that illustrate what your company does help reinforce the message about what your company does. It is an instant way of conveying a message to your customer about who you are and what you do.

5. Make Your Contact Details Clear

People are not very trusting of companies' websites. There have been so many fly-by-night businesses that have quickly gone to ground. Showing clear contact details including a landline telephone number and if possible, a photo of your premises sends out the message that you are a real company and you are here to stay. This has a great impact on the credibility of your company and your website.

Keep Your Website Visitors Happy

By following these tips and the many other tips you can find on the AB Publish website, you will be ensuring the success of your website and therefore your business. Good luck!!

Tue 22 March 2011 17:12:21

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