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Getting Started in Business

So many of us dream of starting our own business.  Many realise that dream and yet many do not. So what is it that separates the dreamers from the doers?

I feel I can speak about this with some authority as I feel I have played both of these roles in my life. Until the age of 40 I was a dreamer. I can remember from a very young age I dreamed of running my own business yet I left school and went straight on the career ladder (in insurance no less!).

I seriously thought about many businesses.

Intertestingly I came up with an idea in the mid-1980s. I thought of opening up a gadget shop as there was nothing like this at the time and I had a big interest in electronics. All I did was dream. I did nothing with this idea. Shortly after a chap called Jonathan Elvidge did come up with the idea and made a great success of it (although sadly the business failed many years later and is now part of WH Smith). He was about the same age as me and that has taught me a lesson I have never forgot!

I even forayed into the world of multi-level-marketing (a kind of pyramid selling but don't tell anyone involved you call it that) as it seemed an easy way in but that of course came to nothing (as many, not all, multi-level marketing businesses do).

Fortunately I am quite tenacious and even though I was in the rat-race trying to climb the corporate ladder, I never stopped thinking about business ideas. My new job had taken me into the realm of web design and I liked the idea of doing this for myself. So I tried to start a web design business whilst still holding down a full time job.

I managed to get a handful of customers but it simply didn't work, mainly because I was never there to take phone calls.

So finally, some 6 years ago I plucked up the courage to leave my well-paid job and I have never looked back since. The dreamer became a doer!

The Secret to Starting Your Own Business

So what is the secret to getting started in business?

Fortunately, not only do I have experience in making the leap from paid employment to self-employment, my work has allowed me to meet many self-employed people as well as small business owners. There is one thing that binds together all of the successful ones.

Yes, you need an idea to get started. Either do something nobody has done before or do something better than your competitors (the idea does not need to be earth-shattering).

The most important thing is to get off your backside and do it. I have met many intelligent entrepreneurs who really struggle because they dream instead of do. I have met an equal number of capable but less intelligent entrepreneurs who never stop doing, all of whom have very successful businesses.

So come on in, the water's lovely. Stop dreaming today, take the risk and do it!

Oh, and by the way, if you need a website, then why not try AB Publish? ;)

Thu 24 February 2011 17:51:32

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