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Google to Drop Support for Older Browsers

It has been reported recently that Google will stop support on 1 August 2011 for versions of web browsers it deems to be too old. So users with Internet Explorer version 7 or earlier, users with Firefox version 3.5 or earlier and users with Safari version 3 or earlier might have problems when trying to use Google's services after 1 August 2011.

What will this mean to me?

If you always keep your web browser up-to-date then this will not affect you. However, if you continue to use older browsers then it is possible that some of Google's services will not work correctly for you. This will not happen for certain. All that it means is that Google will no longer test its services on these older browsers. They might still work it is just that Google will not guarantee that they will work.

Are Google right to do this?

One thing I have always been uncomfortable with is when companies send you messages saying "this site is best viewed in Internet Explorer version 8 at a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels" or something similar. Why should they dictate to you which tools you use and even worse, what size your screen should be! However, this is a decision of Google's that I do support for two reasons:

Firstly, many of the older browsers were poorly designed and were based on different standards. Recent browsers have converged in their implementation of HTML and CSS meaning that users get a broadly similar experience when viewing websites.

Secondly, newer browsers are starting to take advantage of some of the new and exciting  HTML5 standards. It is only possible to take advantage of these if a tremendous amount of time is wasted in hacking the site for backwards compatibility or if support for these older browsers is dropped.

It is time to move on so if you are using one of these older browsers we recommend that you upgrade it. Note that this is a recommendation to move to a more modern version and not to change you preferred web browser, that is your choice.

So which browsers do AB Publish support?

The websites that are created using our online control panel are tested in all these browsers:

As for Internet Explorer all websites will work with versions as far back as 7. However, although websites will work with version 6 or earlier, there are likely to be display problems which make the website look strange. However, very few users use this old browser now.

As for all the other browsers we support, their compliance with web standards have been very high for a long time now so websites created with AB Publish will work right back to the earliest versions of these browsers.

With such widespread support you can be confident that your website will be viewable by the maximum number of people if you choose AB Publish.

Mon 6 June 2011 11:03:02

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