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Google Voice Search and Google Instant Pages

Google has launched two new services, both aimed to achieve their overall goal which as per their own official blog site is "to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. "

These new services are currently only available for Chrome users which is the web browser developed by Google. It is understandable they showcase their innovations first on their own software, but I am a little disappointed that it is not available in all browsers. It seems slightly off that a company Google's size is trying to gain a competitive advantage by pushing its own products and restricting access to their latest developments.


Google Voice Search

Google visitors will now be able to perform their searches by voice.
From today 15 June 2011 an icon of a microphone is shown within the traditional text box where you enter your search term.

This new service is only available in English at the moment, but will be rolled out to other languages soon. One of Google's spokesmen from the Voice Technology department  said "I want people to be able to speak to find what they want. We want to changes users' mental model."

It is great to improve the usability of the Internet and also to make it more accessible. The Voice Technology department is working hard to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition, and I expect great results soon.

I have tried it out, and although most simple requests show the expected results, searches of phrases with more than one word or searches for subjects that are not widespread are currently unpredictable. As an example, I tried speaking "AB Publish" into the microphone. After 3 different interpretations of what I was looking for, I gave up. Google had shown me results for:

This innovation will have no impact on the Search Engine Optimisation of your Business Website, and existing customers of AB Publish who have created their Business Internet site will not need to worry about this change to Google.
The development is a change of how the search term is entered, not how it is processed.


Google Instant Pages

The basis behind this new feature is quite simple.
When Google has "a very high confidence" that a website displayed in the results page is the exact result the user is looking for, it will begin to download the page.
This is before the user has clicked on any of the links.

If Google guesses correctly and the user clicks the link which has been pre-downloaded, the resulting page will be displayed instantly - any time delay has already been used by the pre-rendering of the page. If Google is incorrect, they have admitted that the link the user did click on may load more slowly.

We shall see what the impact of this innovation is on the Search Engine Optimisation of your Business Internet site. Currently I do not think they will be an impact on any existing Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

We at AB Publish will continue to monitor and report on the extent of these two developments, and any other developments that Google may bring out in the future. Our clients don't just build their own websites with us, they benefit from our expertise. Take a few minutes to try a free trial and you will see why you should chose to create your own business website with us.


Concluding thoughts on Google

Love them or hate them, you must admire their attitude.
Google is clearly the number one global search engine but instead of sitting back and resting, they are still trying to maintain and even improve their position.

This is what every small business should try and emulate - never be satisfied with what you got but always be looking how to innovate and improve the service or product you are concerned with.

I personally think it can be dangerous to have such a big company with such power, but the applications and advances that Google continually come out with never ceases to amaze me. And the 'Google attitude' is definately one to copy.

Wed 15 June 2011 20:03:41

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