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How Much is a Website Worth?

It amazes me that even now the web design market is maturing that the costs of designing a website vary so wildly. You have everyone from the large professional concerns who have to make £10,000 each month just to pay the rent and rates on their swanky offices right down to the teenager creating websites for next to nothing in order that they can build up their portfolio.

The Web Design market is difficult to fathom

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is simply not true in the website creation world. I have seen websites that cost tens of thousands of pounds that were absolutely dreadful and I have also seem some people who have had first class websites built for peanuts (although not often).

So how can you tell how much a website is worth to you? First of all, you have to consider the following questions:

If the answer to the first question is that you have no or little time to spend on your website then there is no option but to go for a professional designer. Have a look at a selection of web designers who have portfolios that demonstrate a good spread of successful websites and then look for quotations from those who you think produce the best work. Even if the cheapest of those is charging more than you expected to pay it has to be a worthwhile investment because a website is so important to any modern business.

Choose value for money web design over cheap web design

There may be someone down the road knocking up bespoke websites at £100 a time. However, if you can find no evidence that they have a track history of creating successful websites then avoid them like the plague. Don't think of it in terms of cheap versus expensive. Think of it as good value versus bad value and your perspective will change completely.

If you have the time and a modicum of knowledge, create your own website

If you do have time to invest in creating your website and you are quite good with computers then you can save a tremendous amount of money by choosing AB Publish. We give you the tools to quickly and easily create your own professional website with no fees payable for the design, because it is you who has designed it!

Even those of you who have bespoke requirements can use an AB Publish website. We are professional web designers with a great track record in creating interactive database driven websites for all manner of applications. Simply contact us and we can offer you a quotation to enhance the functions of your own website.

Thu 5 May 2011 14:13:21

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