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How to choose the best Internet Site to use when you Create your Own Business Website

When choosing which system to create your own business Internet website, it is like choosing between any product or service - do not forget the 3 basics.


A funny thing happened on the way to a client…

Yesterday I was in a major city visiting a potential client who wanted to see how AB Publish could be used to create his own Business Website. The meeting was for 14:00 and I was thirsty. I spotted a well known food store and entered knowing it would be better and cheaper to buy from there than from a newsagent.

The first thing I saw was a half litre bottle of Evian water for £0.99 - perfect. Then I noticed it was part of a meal deal where I could buy a sandwich plus the water for £2.50. The individual costs of the sandwich and water came to much more than £2.50 and as I was hungry I was tempted. Then I saw a super-meal deal where the same water plus sandwich but this time plus crisps and dessert  was only £3.20. Even better as I would be saving more and I would be enjoying a bigger lunch.

Then I looked around for other bottles of water. There were none in  the cold cabinet at the front of the shop. This was strange as I had bought water from this shop before, and I had bought their own brand.

I entered further into the shop and found a whole aisle dedicated to bottled water. Within a couple of seconds I had found the own brand 1.5 litre bottle of water for £0.56.


Know what you want

I wanted water with no frills. It did not have to be a known brand - all I wanted was to slake my thirst.

In the same way know what you want from your Business Website. Do you want an e-commerce Website with lots of products, shopping-cart and a menu capable of handling over 50 different product ranges or a more simple, presentation and contact type of Internet site?

The more you plan and know in advance what you are looking for, the more likely you will be to find the optimum Internet Site to use to accompany you in the creation of your own Business Website.

AB Publish offers the best and simplest interface around to create your own Business Internet site. I was tempted by the well known brand of Evian just because it is a household name. Even though I knew what I wanted, I almost ignored that and chose something else. You do not have to go for a more expensive option just because you know the name - get to know us and I can almost guarantee that we will offer a better service for less money.


Do not get suckered in

I was thirsty and wanted a drink. True, it was lunchtime and so I was thinking of food, but that was not my goal. But the catchy advertising caught my eye and I started trying to convince myself to spend more money and buy things I did not need.

When you compare the systems to create your own Business Website, they will try every trick in the book - Flash graphics, animations, sounds, links that are just begging to be clicked... However for you to find the perfect solution for your organisations website, do not be taken in by all this.

Some of the best Internet sites do not have flash introduction pages (I personally do not even like them!) So if an Internet Site offers you a free flash page if you create your Business Website with them, do not just take it for the sake of taking it.

Similarly, if a company offers manual submission to search engines if you pay a little extra, think about if you really need this service or are they just trying to generate extra revenue from you.

The pricing structure at AB Publish is the simplest around - almost everything is £1. That should be the basis of your budget with us. For example, 10 pages is £10 and 15 pages with 3 email addresses = £18. There is currently a discount being offered, but bank on the £1 per item rule and you will be fine. There are no gimmicks such as pay an extra £150 and we will include your site within our email to over 500,000 people. Learn more about AB Publish and I am certain that our deals are the best around without suckering you in to spend more money.


Look for the best value for money solution

Finally I found what I wanted. A large bottle of water for less than a fifth of the price of the first bottle volume for volume.

On price AB Publish is one of the best solutions around to create your own Business Internet site, but on value for money AP Publish is the best solution to create your own Business Website. There will always be a cheaper solution...and there will always be a more expensive solution...I recommend you choose the best solution for you.


Concluding thoughts on choosing how to create your own Business Website

I finally got exactly what I wanted yesterday and my decision made the drinking of that water oh so sweet. I had been tempted by false items and almost convinced myself to buy something I did not even want, however I ended up with exactly what I wanted and for the best value for money as well.

There is one more basic rule to include when choosing who to go with when you create you Business Internet site, and that is the contact or the 'feely' factor.

At AB Publish, we care and will do everything we can to help you. We work with you and learn with you (see Google does it again for a true story where I was very happy to share a learning experience with one of our clients or How to Come Up with Great Ideas for Your Business where the founding member of the AB Publish concept refused to simply take the money and create an Internet Website on a principal he did not believe in) All of us want to hear from you and to see how we can work with you.

And that is how you should choose the Internet Site to use when you Create your Own Business Website :)

Fri 27 May 2011 20:20:04

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