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How to Come Up With Great Ideas For Your Business

I will have to be a little secretive with the beginning of this article because there is the potential for me to reveal commercially sensitive information. So please forgive me for some of the vagueness in my description. I spent some time with a customer yesterday who wanted me to create a website based on an extremely dull idea.

Now if I were the cynical type, I could have just let them believe what they were doing was wonderful, took the money and create the website not giving a damn if it succeeded or not. But I cannot be like that. I take pride in my work and I like to know that each website I create is something that stands a good chance of great success.

Do not accept the first dull idea that comes into your head

During the meeting I must have come across as quite negative as each idea they came up with I constantly replied with the same questions:

Try, try and try again

Try as they did they could not come up with any answers to these questions and while this was the case, I refused to go away and prepare a quotation. i took control and kept on making small suggestions of things they might like to consider when suddenly, late on in the meeting, an idea came up that we all suddenly realised was the right idea. We instantly poured out many ideas that could run off the back of the main idea. Everyone in the meeting came alive with enthusiasm.

Be patient, that idea will come

The point I am trying to make is that when you are dealing with the creative side of business, it pays to wait for the eureka moment and if it does not arrive, then keep on thinking of ideas. If you spend too long thinking then stop and forget about it for a while and start thinking later that day or maybe the next day. Eventually, you will hit that moment and you will know it when you do.

What you do not know is when it will arrive but as long as you keep faith, then it will arrive eventually.

Sometimes, the results are immediate!

It is quite funny that when my business partner and I wanted to come up with a motto for AB Publish, we both agreed to clear the decks, sit down and think through what or motto should be. We were both prepared to spend the whole day discussing it. RIght at the beginning, my business partner thought for a second and said "Don't wait, create". My immediate reaction was that it was perfect. He agreed and we both found it highly amusing that the idea had come within an instant.

It doesn't always happen like this but one thing is for sure, when you hit upon the right idea, you definitely know about it.

So good luck with your next big idea.

Fri 27 May 2011 18:05:27

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