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How to Give Your Website Texture

When creating your own website using tools such as the ones provided by AB Publish, it is best of those tools help you in making the most professional looking website possible.

The articles in this blog have discussed many aspects of what makes great web design such as using photographs on all pages, using the correct colours etc.

What I would like to discuss today, is how to give your website a textured feel. If you create your website by simply using flat colours in the background, the whole website will look flat. Sometimes this works. A simple crisp website with a crisp white background can look very stylish. However, with some solours and with some styles, this can simply make the website just look flat.

There are two main ways in which you can enhance the look of your website and give it a more textured feel.

Create Your Own Logo

Firstly, creating your own logo using software like Inkscape, GIMP, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for example. The AB Publish tools allow you to create you own logo with a choice of fonts and colours. However, if you have the opportunity to create your own logo with one of these other tools, it will really enhance the professional look. Happily, when creating your own website with AB Publish, you can upload your own logo in place with the logo aut-generated by the website creation tools.

Create Gradients With Our Simple Tools

Secondly, you can use gradients. A gradient is an area of colour where one colour gradually and evenly fades into a second colour at the other side. Generally this will happen form right to left or top to bottom (and naturally vice-versa in both cases).

This is an opportunity to do one of two things. Make your website look absolutely stunning or make your website absolutely dreadful!

The AB Publish website creation online software allows you to create your own gradients in many areas of your website by simply selecting two different colours. This allows you to try out many options before choosing the one that looks best. If you choose two contrasting colours (for example bright green and bright red), it is likely that the results will look awful and tacky.  However, if the two colours are close together, it can really lift the page on your own website giving it a real textured feel.

Sometimes, the colours can be almost identical and this can give a very subtle and very stylish look to your website.

The trick is to experiment with different gradients. Try several different colours and pick the best results. You may be surprised how good it could look.

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