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How to keep your website fresh

After seeing a customer today who has a bespoke website, something they said reminded me of something that I must keep uppermost in my mind. They asked me to make some changes to the colours and layout of their website. Not because there was anything wrong with the current design, but because it was starting to feel a bit old.

Familiarity breeds contempt

I felt a bit put out inside as there design is one of which I was especially proud. It looks clean, modern and efficient and the colour scheme looks excellent. However, I deed not have taken this to heart because the reason they are tired of the design is because they have been looking at it every day for the past few years.

If you think about it, we do this all the time on our lives. We decorate our houses and can be very proud of the great job we have made. However, after a few years we feel a need for a change. Not because we decorated it badly before, but just because we want something fresh.

So if you think your website is looking a bit tired but cannot quite put your finger on what it is that is causing this feeling, it could simply be that it is time for a change.

The beauty of creating your own website with AB Publish

This is one of the great advantages of creating your website using AB Publish's online website creation system. You control all aspects of your website using our easy to use control panel. You can change the size fo the page and the text, update the colours and simply spruce it up a bit. You can do this simply and easily.

By the way, don't worry of you mess it up, you can always revert back to a previous layout at the touch of a button, so nothing you do has far reaching consequences if you get it wrong.

This gives you complete freedom in keeping the look of your website absolutely fresh. It might just involve making a few changes to the colour scheme or you might fancy creating a brand new overall look.

However far you go, making these simple changes could be just what you need to keep everything about your business's online presence looking fresh and up-to-date.

Mon 11 July 2011 14:40:58

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