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How to Sell Your Business With Your Website

There are such a plethora of books around on this subject. The more intriguing of these are the affiliate type sites that promote poor value-for-money e-books with phrases such as The Selling Secrets They Don't Want You To Know and The Hidden Secrets of Selling in Business.

Call me a cynical old devil, but I think books and websites like these do more harm than good. They feed on people's fears that doing business is very difficult and that selling is the most difficult thing of all. The worst offender in this category is the courses run by some companies to teach people how to sell.

Not only do they over-complicate the subject, they somehow manage to convince their pupils that if they follow a particular script, they will be able to overcome any objections and sell to anybody. When I receive telemarketing calls on my business line, I can spot people who have been on such courses a mile off! They usually start a conversation with "How are you today?". For me, this is the most unnatural way to start a conversation with a complete stranger over the telephone.

The optimistic salesmen

I had someone call me the other day trying to sell me left insulation. I used my usual tactic of trying to get rid of them by telling them I am just a tenant. But he continued trying to convince me I could still benefit! I am sure that someone taught him on a sales course that if you never take no for an answer then you will sign up the customer eventually, no matter what their objections are.

For me, I do not believe this to be the case. Sure, by employing these methods you will make some sales. But I argue that you sell in spite of the methods, not because of them.

The truth is, that it is all simple. If you want to start a business then offer a good product or service at a price that offers good value for money to the customer. Don't try and hide behind all sorts of methods trying to deceive the customer or attempt to change their mood to get them in a buying frame of mind. Just tell them what you do and be prepared to back this up by offering a genuinely good product or service. That's all there is to it.

There is no greater sales tool than reputation and recommendation. So if you work hard and ensure you provide an excellent product and/or service, people will remember you because it is rarer than you think.

So advertise yourself to as many people as you can and tell them in very simple terms exactly what you can offer them. Once this brings in a few customers then your hard work and service will keep them as customers as well as bringing you new customers through reputation and recommendation.

So how do you sell your business with your website?

I once went on a course to learn how to give effective presentations and there was a part of this I have never forgotten. it was to follow these rules:

It's such a simple set of rules which I believe can be applied anywhere in your business. It should be clear within seconds of visiting your website what products and/or services you offer. So your home page tells people what your business is about (tell them what you're going to tell them), your website content on each page should add detail to what your business offers (tell them), headlines and pictures throughout the site will reinforce the message of what your business does, especially for people who do not read the detail (tell them what you told them) and all your correspondence whether by letter or email should also contain a message of what your business does (tell them again).

If you follow these simple rules and back the message up with a great service and or product, your success is an inevitability.

Tue 29 March 2011 11:19:23

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