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Make Good Use of Your Website

I once had a customer who spent a small fortune with me to create a complex website that worked really well. He then placed a small advert in a local paper and two weeks later he came complaining to me that he had not received any enquiries.

I had another customer who wanted something similar and I spent a long time telling him that as well as the budget for his website, he needed to think about the budget to promote his website. He listened intently and agreed with everything I said and then when the website went live, he said he would wait to see what business Google brought him before he did anything.

Your website is only as successful as the number of visitors it attracts

This is a common trait among business people. They see a website as a cheap way of bringing in business and do not consider promoting their website or their business. In my opinion, this is sheer folly.

My happiest and most successful customers spend a fortune on advertising. I am not suggesting that this is necessarily something that you do, but I am suggesting that promoting your business and your website is something that should be always uppermost in your mind.

The High Street Analogy

Promoting your website is something which should never stop. It is an activity in which you should be relentless. A friend of mine gave me a good analogy the other day. Being on page 1 of Google is like having a premier store on the busiest high street in town. Having a Google AdWords ad at the top position is like having a great big banner outside your store promoting what you offer.

Being on page 2 of Google is a bit like having a store on a side street just off the high street. You pick up some custom but nothing compared to the big boys on page 1.

Being on page 3 or lower is a bit like having your business on the third floor of an anonymous building far from any retail area. But if you have a Google AdWords advert at the top of page 1 it means your banner is on the busy high street telling everybody where your third floor store is.

The moral of this story is that your goal should be to get to the top of the search results on Google but if you are not there, you should be finding other means to tell your customers where your store is. Otherwise, you will find that success is but a distant dream.

Mon 4 April 2011 11:34:15

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