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Make Your Website Work For Your Business

I was once speaking with a sales director of a web design company who told me that one of the phrases he uses in order to promote his company's services was to describe a website as a salesman who works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without time off sick or for holidays.

It is a compelling argument but it is slightly flawed. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do for your website that will make this vision much closer to reality.

Where is your salesman now?

When you first create your website, nobody but you will know that it exists. So at this point, your "salesman" is very shy and has hidden himself in a place about which only you know. He is not going to sell anything for you if nobody knows where he is. So the first thing you must do is set up a few sign posts telling the general public where he can be found.

In website terms you do this by getting inbound links to your website. Try a few free online directories like Free Index and submit your site. Once you do this, you will at least be indexed by Google, but probably not yet easy to find.

This is to be the start of a continuing task that you must always regularly follow up. The more signs you create to where your "salesman" is hiding, the more people will come and visit him. Remember, this 24 hour salesman will never visit your customers, they must always come to him.

So setting up a few sign posts to point the way will never do, you need to add them all the time.

Painting the Forth Bridge

It is a myth apparently that the Forth Bridge is always being painted but it was the only analogy I could think of! The myth says that as soon as they have finished painting the Forth Bridge, they need to start painting it again from the other end. It is an analogy for a task that never ends. And that is how you should see the task of promoting your "salesman".

Once you start getting other websites to link to you and Google know you are there, there are now two things you must do on a regular basis to attract new visitors to your "salesman".

Keep on putting out the road signs, that is, keep on asking other websites to link to you. Join forums and have your website in the signature (if it is allowed). But also, make sure the content on your website continually expands and changes so that it is always complete, up to date and useful for your customers. This will inspire some of your visitors to naturally link to your site.

Both of these actions create a snowball effect and each month you should see more visitors to your "salesman". Never stop this process as to do so runs the risk of a sudden drop in visits which could harm your small business.

Thu 9 June 2011 16:06:58

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