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Making Your Own Website Pay

The argument for getting a good accountant for your business is that their fees should pay for themselves by the savings they make for you. If your accountant can do this for you then choosing to appoint an accountant becomes a simple decision to make.

The same should be said for your website. Even though creating your own website with AB Publish is a relatively small expense, it is still one which you can recoup by ensuring your website pays for itself.

It can often be the case that a business owner reluctantly gets a website for their business because they know everyone else is doing the same thing. An approach such as this is dangerous in this Internet cognisant world.

Any time and money wisely spent on your website is an investment if applied correctly.

Surprisingly, looks are very important

Whilst the information contained in your website is vital, the first and most important thing you must get right is the look. It may seem that we are just dealing with unimportant aesthetics but the look and style of your site could mean the difference between it harming your business and enhancing your business.

As has been mentioned in countless articles about making your own website, first impressions count. Not only that, those first impressions are made within the first few milliseconds that your customer views the site.

So whether you are designing the website yourself or whether you have appointed a professional web designer, the eventual goal should be that when you first glance at your site it looks great and conveys the right impression.

So before you make your website live, make sure you have asked the opinions of many people beforehand so that you can gauge public reaction. Keep on changing and tweaking the layout, colours and photographs until the majority of people who see the site tell you "that looks great".

Once you have got this right, all you need to do is to simply and clearly set out what your business is about and how you can be contacted.

You never know where the next big customer is going to come from. They may find you when searching on Google, the may have picked up your business card with your address on it, you may have been recommended  to them by a friend. No matter how they found you, if you are making an excellent impression at first glance, you're already well down the road to winning that new customer.

The rest is up to you!

Thu 3 March 2011 17:52:51

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