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When starting a new business, one of the things that you should be looking to do is to create a new website. But you should also be ahead of the crowd and instead of looking at this as a task to just tick off the list it should be something in which you put a lot of thought. A professional looking website that meets the objectives of your new business will be a great asset, a poorly thought out website will be a disaster.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself first of all:

What is the primary objective of the website?

Is it to get customers to call you, visit your shop, buy online? Every page of your website should have a highly visible call to action whether it to be to call you by telephone, visit your premises or make an online purchase. This should be backed by a confidence booster. For example, showing you are a real business by including your address and possibly a photo of your premises. If it is an ecommerce store then advertising the security that lies behind payment collection (a picture of a padlock is always a good idea) also helps. At every stage of your website's design process, you must keep this primary objective in mind.

How do you want to portray your business?

Friendly, corporate, wacky, artistic, efficient? The primary focus of the image you wish to portray will influence its design. For example, a website with a white background and dark text tends to suggest efficiency. Couple that with blue colours and it adds a corporate feel. Websites with a black or very dark background with light writing tend to suggest an artistic business. In either case, the use of curved graphics and unusual colours can help add a hint of wackiness which might be appropriate to your business.

How do I want people to find my website?

If you are a plumber in Anytown then it is a realistic goal to aim for page one of Google for the search term "plumber Anytown". However, if your business is selling a popular product across the UK, it is unlikely you will rank anywhere useful in Google, at least in the first year of your website's existence. So don't forget to think about your promotion budget whether that is for pay-per-click adverts, banner advertising, or more traditional advertising. Once you have your website, you want to make sure that it gets visitors and this will not happen unless you have a plan to start with.

How much am I going to pay for my website?

Once you have decided these things you can then decide how much you want to invest in your website. Many new businesses are on a limited budget and thankfully, a solution is at hand. You can have an efficient and great looking website for just a few pounds per month with AB Publish. So try our free trial today (you see? A call to action!) to see what it can do for you.

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