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Secrets to keeping visitors on YOUR Business Website: About Us page

When you create your own Business Website, there are many things to check and perform in order to allow an optimal marketing of your Organisation and Business Internet Site. Having the best ever Home Page has been covered in 5 Steps to a Great Home Page.
This article will unveal another secret to increasing conversion rates and keeping visitors on your website: the About Us page.

Why do I need a fantastic About Us page?

The About Us section is where you explain who you are and what you do.
Many people have one just because everyone else does.

The content tends to be bland, thrown together and presented in a less interesting way then the other pages throughout a Business Website. The fact that someone has clicked on your About Us page is because they are interested in your business and organization and want to find out more about you.

Do not throw away the chance to maximize the value of the About Us page.

How to Utilise the About Us Opportunity?

Studies have proved that conversion rates are considerably higher for visitors who have clicked on your About Us page.
These visitors are looking for proof that you can deliver what they want.
They are looking to be convinced to continue with your organization and stay on your Business Website.

If they do not find the proof they seek, they will move to one of your competitors.

The best way to utilize this business opportunity is by considering the About Us page as one of the most important Business Website Pages within your entire organisation’s Internet site.

What to include on the Best Ever About Us page?

Describe your Organisation
Go into detail and present everything you think clients want to know.
This will include what you do and if necessary why.
It may also include how.

Include any quality awards, certificates, membership of various professional bodies…
This will back up the seriousness and show you are a professional organisation.

Include Team Biographies + photos
After all…the page is called About Us.
This is where you personalise your Business Website.

Studies have proved that if visitors or callers know who they are dealing with, they are much more likely to progress to doing business with your organization.
Show the faces of your management team, but only use good quality professional images, not of your team on a social event.

Present your Mission Statement
This should be a short but formal written statement describing the purpose of your organization.

The great mission statements contains 3 essential components:

Keep all information Up to Date
The About Us page is a great opportunity to interact and communicate with visitors to your Business Website.
Any visitor who is viewing this page of your Internet site is there to learn more.
But this information must be relevant and up to date.
Ensure all management team structures, mission statements, biographies are up to date.

Link to other supporting Pages
Your About Us page should not be over cluttered.
Any additional information can be pushed out to other pages.

Meaningful links to the supporting pages will offer the curious visitor the opportunity to get to know your organization better.
Examples are links to contact pages, company news archives, company achievements, job opportunities.

Concluding thoughts on About Us Business Website pages

So many websites I have seen do not take the time to create a Great About Us page.
They are missing out on an opportunity to answer visitor questions such as

What you do and why?
What values does your organization support/stand against
Who are the people behind the organisation?
What kind of people will I be involved with and who will I be working with?

These are vital questions to persuade the visitor to do business with you and not one of your competitors.

All AB Publish websites are infinitely flexible and will provide a framework to allow the best ever About Us page.
This can be as detailed or as succinct as you need for your individual Business Website.

Tue 15 March 2011 17:27:58

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