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Should My Website Look The Same in Every Browser?

This is something with which web designers have struggled ever since the beginnings of the World Wide Web. In theory, HTML and CSS are standardised so when you create a website it should look the same no matter which browser you use. However, this is not the case. Historically, browsers have tended to display websites in quite different ways and it was once a web designer's job to put "hacks" into the code behind a website to try and make it always look the same.

Happily, it is getting much easier these days as web browsers are slowly converging to treat most modern HTML and CSS in exactly the same way. However, despite these improvements, there is still one major issue outstanding with a rather intriguing comparison:

Coding for websites is much like designing software for aeroplanes!

"What?" I hear you say, "I simply cannot believe that to be true". OK, I may have exaggerated the situation somewhat but in essence there is a truth behind this statement.

Obviously, when designing software for aircraft systems, safety is the number one factor. It is completely understandable to forgo the most modern programming techniques if there is even the subtlest hint that safety might be compromised. Therefore, aircraft software designers tend to design using old but extremely stable operating systems. You know yourself that when a new version of Windows is released, there are often many problems in the early days. As time goes on, Microsoft issues bug fixes and shores up security holes so that in the end, the operating system is reliable which is why WIndows XP remains popular to this day. That is why software designers of aircraft systems are reluctant to use system architectures that have not yet been fully proven in terms of reliability (and aren't we all glad this is so?).

So what has this all got to do with my website?

There is a new standard that is slowly approaching and it is called HTML5. It is not yet fully agreed but is slowly being adopted and the situation at the moment is that each web browser is at a different stage of adoption. This is frustrating because many of the proposals would mean great strides could be taken in terms of web design for things such as embedding audio, video, animations and incorporating graphics that do not have to be prepared in advance using desktop software. The future looks really bright.

However, until the standards are agreed and all the web browser designers adopt the new standards, we can use very few of these new and exciting features.

So what do AB Publish do for me?

When you create your own website using AB Publish's easy to use control panel, it will produce a website that will look the same in all modern web browsers. This is because we have adopted all HTML5 standards that we know can be used universally. As new features are adopted we will ensure that they are included in all of our customers' websites.

So come and try it out yourself today and create your own website.

Fri 3 June 2011 16:17:10

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