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Should you create your own website?

If there is one subject likely to galvanise opinion in the small business arena it is the question as to whether you should seek the services of an experienced web designer or, in an attempt to keep down costs, have a go at designing your own website.

A few short years ago there was no choice in this matter. Few of us had the skills necessary to design our own websites. But now the choice is plentiful. There is software that lets you simply design your own website, there is open source software available such as Joomla or Wordpress that take a little more skill to set up and then there are websites such as AB Publish where it is easy to design your own website.

Why use a professional Web Designer?

The potential advantages to using an experienced web designer are clear. As they will be designing your website from scratch, it can look and function in exactly the way that you want it. For a competent web designer, there should be no limitations (other than what your budget will allow) and also they can offer advice as they will have a lot of experience with what works for business websites.

The drawback is one of expense. However, if you have the budget for it, it is an expense that should pay off as all of these advantages should ultimately benefit your business.

The main pitfalls are that anybody can set up as a web designer and many do not offer this flexibility nor ability to offer good advice. However, a quick check of their portfolio should tell you whether or not you are dealing with a talented designer.

You may think it strange that I am offering such advice on a website that promotes self-designed websites. This is because that although I believe that the best option for any business is to have a bespoke website built by a competent web designer, I also live in the real world and accept that not all small businesses, especially start-ups, have the budget for this. And this is where we step in.

Why create your own website online?

We offer a flexible control panel that allows you to create your own website in minutes. We have already done much of the web design work and this cost is shared by many of you out there. This means that you get most of the flexibility that you would get with a bespoke website but at the fraction of the cost.

So whilst I would maintain that a professionally designed website is the most desirable option for a business, it is not always the most pragmatic option. Our aim at AB Publish is to offer a service that comes as close as possible to the flexibility and personal service that would be offered by a local professional web designer.

Fri 18 March 2011 14:51:25

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