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The e-G8 Forum 2011, France

The e-G8 Forum (or eG8) was initiated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and took place on May 24th and 25th in Paris. The G8 forum took place on the 26th and 27th May so it was a great idea by France - the creator of the original G6 forum back in 1975 which has since evolved into the G8 forum - to get the leaders of the G8 countries to meet various leaders of industry and to discuss a global public policy regarding the Internet.

It's the first time a conference has brought together  internet and media bosses with the heads of the member states and including such company leaders as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Microsoft and News Corp.


What was the eG8 Forum all about?

The announced theme for the eG8 forum was "Accelerating Growth" but in reality there are vastly conflicting views on the Internet and the part various government regulators play in the management and control of it, and this was brought out during the debates and question and answer sessions.

On one side there are the newer companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon who are pushing for a "hands-off" approach from government bodies, and President Barack Obama seems to favour this view.

On the other side (which tends to be more common in Europe) there is a call for more control and harsher treatment on Internet crimes such as file-sharing, music downloads and copyright infringement, and for this to be "policed" by government regulatory bodies.

Mr.Sarkozy made his stand clear saying no country should stand by and allow completely unregulated use of the Internet - interestingly enough France has one of the toughest laws regarding Internet users who download content from the Internet without paying for it.

Speakers from Google, Facebook and various other organisations spoke out against introducing further government regulation. They acknowledged that Government regulation may be the result of good intentions to protect minors, to prevent illegal filesharing and to develop increased economic growth through e-commerce. However, the proposed intervention is too heavy handed.


What will change

It is too early yet to see the extent of the debates from the eG8 but one thing is sure - it will have an impact.

I fully intend to keep AB Publish customers up to date with all proposed and actual legislation or changes leading on from this the eG8. Just one of the many advantages when you create your own Business Website with our web publishing software is the free access to this blog, and even the possibility to shape it by contacting us with your questions.

Until I bring you more news from the eG8, keep on creating your own business Internet site and be assured that you are in expert hands with AB Publish.

Thu 9 June 2011 16:46:28

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