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The Key to Business Success

This is a subject I have covered numerous times on the pages of AB Publish and one which I am sure I will return to on many more occasions. It is the merits and otherwise of the persistence factor in business. To keep on keeping on and never to give up. The reason many of us can do this is because there is a trait that many of us small business owners suffer from and it is a kind of paranoia. We constantly ask ourselves:

Maybe you have asked yourself these questions, maybe you have not. I can assure you that they are questions I have asked myself many times! There are two aspects of this behaviour I would like to cover today. The first is:

Have you taken a step back to look at your past achievements?

One of the key traits of many business owners that is both positive and negative at the same time is a strong drive and determination for perfection. It is this drive that propels many business owners to succeed. However, it can also leaving one in a perpetual state of never being satisfied and failing to appreciate how far they have come.

So once in a while I recommend you take a step back and look upon all the achievements you have made so far. Yes, it is true that there are many more you can make but just for now, enjoy the moment and congratulate yourself on how well you have done thus far.

Keeping on keeping on sorts the men from the boys (and the women from the girls)

Maybe I should have said sorts the adults from the children. Anyway, the point is, that once you have sat back and thanked yourself for all your past achievements, it is now time to harness this force within you that strives for perfection and to bring persistence back into the frame. Accept happily the fact that as each stage in your business is achieved, it will never be enough.

It is true in many aspects of life that it is the journey which we enjoy, not the destination. I am sure many of you miss those early days when you first started to pursue your dream of starting a business. The uncertainty was exciting, everything seemed possible. By constantly evolving your business, you can bring some of that excitement back into your business life.

The whole world is changing every day and so a business that stagnates and does not change will ultimately fail. Keep trying and changing whilst maintaining focus as to what it is that you want to achieve for your customers.

A business that is ever evolving like this does not worry about competitors. Because once they arrive, you have already moved on!

Wed 1 June 2011 14:21:29

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