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The Most Important Search Optimisation Tip

As I discussed in an earlier article, optimising your website for the search engines is not about doing one thing to increase your site's visibilty to the world, it's about doing 500 things.

The most important of these is to have your key phrases in the title tag and at various parts of the text throughout the web page (otherwise, how are the search engines to know what hey phrase you are targeting?). The second most important is quality inbound links from other websites.

Once you get the basics right you need to move onto the many other small things you can do and today I want to talk about what I consider to be the most important of these.

The Most Important Key Phrase for your Business

I consider the name of your business  to be the most important key phrase on your website. Whilst it is true that you gain new customers by targeting popular key phrases that relate to the business you are in, you must remember your existing customers.

At one time, people used the Yellow Pages to find the telephone number of a business they already know.  I am sure there are still many people who do this and an entry in Yellow pages is free and absolutely essential. But an ever growing number of people will just search on Google for the name of your business and if you must be on page 1 for any result it is this one.

That is why it is best, if possible, that the domain name of your business is the name of the business itself. That is why our domain is

Make Your Contact Details Prominent

Whether you have created your own website using a site like ours or have had a bespoke site designed by another website designer, ensure not only that the site is optimised for the name of your business but also that the contact details are immediately visible.

For example, make sure your telephone number is prominent on every web page. If you are a business where customers come to visit, ensure there is a "Find Us" page which has an embedded map in there so people can easily find you.

Whatever your aspirations are for your website, this is a very easy element you can incorporate into your website. Your customers will not thank you for it because they already expect to find your website there. If it is not there then they might just be tempted to call one of your competitors.

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