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The secret to website success

I can give you the secret to website success in just four or five words, but I am not going to because that would make for a boring article wouldn't it?

It may seem strange to talk about school exams for this subject, but the correlation should become evident as I explain. I never truly struggled academically at school. My maths, physics and all the other logical subjects gave me no trouble at all. I wasn't quite so good at English (perhaps you can tell by my writing style) but again, it was not too difficult for me.

There would be occasions, however, where I just felt like I was being given something extremely complicated and impossible to answer but which others found extremely simple. This led to a vicious circle where the more I worried about my inability to grasp the subject, the less I understood it which increased the anxiety and so on. What I eventually learned was that I almost always knew the answer. The trouble was that my expectations for the question were far higher than they truly were. I was looking for the hidden clues in the question that might point me to the difficult part I had missed. However, there were no hidden clues because it really was that easy.

Conflicting expectations

I think there were two forces at play in these matters. One was my exceedingly high expectations for the question and the other was my low expectations in my own abilities. If the gap was between the two was too large, I caved in and anxiety took a hold.

So what are the four or five words?

It is very similar with websites. Our behaviour on the Internet is shrouded in mystery and people's expectations vary so wildly that anyone outside of the industry finds it a world that is very difficult to fathom. So if your expectations of the difficulty in setting up a website that works are extremely high and your expectations of your own ability in working out what will work are very low, you will probably find the whole task of creating your own website extremely daunting. So what is the answer?

Do not over-complicate it

Your customers want to know who you are, what you can do for them and want to be impressed with a nice design. If you try and be too clever, you will confuse and alienate your customers. Do not try and read between the lines as to what your website should and should not contain and do not try and guess what tricks will and will not work with your customers.

You should create it with the language you already use to sell your business and present that in a simple and easy to read format so your customers immediately know who you are and what you can do for them.

With so much garbage on the Internet and confusing layouts and messages, your website will become like a breath of fresh air.

So keep it simple and do it today, your business could be on the verge of success.

Tue 12 July 2011 17:27:20

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