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The Words You Use On Your Website Are Important

This is a subject which interests me greatly. We humans are a strange bunch and the subtleties that affect our choices are sometimes obvious but frequently incomprehensible.

A good example of this was a beer festival which was being held in my local town. A brewer had a fairly average beer with an equally average name. On the first day of the festival, it was not selling well. So he decided he would come up with a way of promoting the beer. This was about 15 years ago and a famous British film was on at the cinemas at the time and it was called The Full Monty. I am sure you have heard of that film and around the time of its release, it was a very famous and highly publicised film.

All the brewer did was to change the name of his beer to "The Full Monty". I bet you can guess what I am going to say next...  that's right, on the second day, he sold out! Neither the beer nor the beer's reputation had changed during the night. All that had changed was the name.

This is an excellent illustration of how easily we can be influenced just by a choice of words.

Words to avoid on your website

It is best to avoid negative words as much as possible and words with negative connotations. Take for instance the phrase "no problem". Despite its positive intent, it is two negative words joined together and even though the reader may grasp the positive sentiment, subconsciously they may be receiving negative vibes. This may sound like complete nonsense but when it comes to making buying decisions we are all very much influenced by our emotions and these arise from our subconscious minds. So the negative connotation may be taken even if you consciously perceive it as positive.

To take this point further, consider two products for sale and try and decide instantly which sounds the better product:

Using our product will get rid of all your problems

Using our product will fulfill all of your needs

The second phrase sounds much more positive doesn't it? On a subconscious level,  the second phrase is much more powerful.

Here are two more phrases to consider:

Do not hesitate to contact us

Feel free to contact us

Now do you see what a subtle difference in the use of language can make? The second phrase is much more inviting isn't it? If you consciously perceive the difference, you can be sure your subconscious perceives it to a much grater extent.

Good words to use on your website

This list is not exhaustive but it contains the sorts of words we all like to hear and if used correctly on your website, could have a great influence on your customer's buying decisions:

For example:

Our powerful new product uses a secret formula and is proven to increase the success of your business. It is safe and offers great value with many tempting benefits for your business. We guarantee there will be a magic transformation in your business fortunes just by using our easy formula.

OK, I know it is over the top, but it nicely illustrates the power of words does it not?

Integrating these positive words within the text of your website can really help reinforce the message you are trying to get across to your customers in a very powerful way.

Thu 23 June 2011 12:06:12

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