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Thinking of New Business Ideas

As a web designer, I have met many people over the years who have an idea and want to start a business. It has given me a rare insight into the new business ideas that make it, nearly make it or never get beyond the ideas stage.

I have to say, that it has been a far from inspirational experience. Many of the ideas that I come across are absolutely awful. However, there is some positive news here as I must say that all of the truly terrible business ideas had several things in common:

So why is this positive news? It means that the truly awful ideas come from people who are get-rich-quick scheme fanatics who believe that a supposedly great idea is somehow a substitute for hard work, patience and provision of worthwhile services and products.

Maybe you are someone who is trying to think of that next idea and wondering where to find the inspiration. If you are hard-working, want to find an idea that will offer your customers something very useful and want to be the best in your business then I am going to push my neck out and tell you that not only do I think you are about to come up with a good idea, you are going to be very successful with it.

Great businesses are borne out of these two qualities:

Often it can be a mixture of these two qualities. Perhaps you will offer a service many other people offer but you want to add in some things that the competitors do not/cannot currently do.

The point is that often you do not have to re-invent the wheel when starting a new business. You should never be afraid of competition. If you have a genuine desire to offer good value and are willing to be patient and hard-working then you will naturally put yourself in the upper echelons of  the business arena in which you operate.

Several years ago when I started my web design business, many people questioned my decision as there is an immense amount of competition. But I succeeded and I believe it was my strong desire to do a good job combined with my work ethic as well as the patience to wait for the business to grow steadily that ensured my success.

I continue to succeed in this area today when competition is three-fold what it was when I started.

And now I have started AB Publish. Websites that allow business owners to create their own websites measure in the thousands and some of these companies already have many thousands of customers. However, I believe that I can offer a simpler interface whilst maintaining the ability to create a stylish looking website.

Not only that, I am a hard worker and plan to continually improve the service offered by AB Publish to ensure that the value we offer to customers continues to improve.

So, in summary, if you possess the qualities mentioned above I urge you to go ahead and think of your idea. With ethics like these, your eventual success is an inevitability!

Mon 28 February 2011 17:00:33

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