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Websites ideas to make money

Most businesses want one of three types of website. The first is a brochure type site that acts as an online flyer that promotes the business and tells existing potential customers about what they do. The second is an ecommerce website where products are sold online. The third is similar to an ecommerce website but is more tailored to the service they offer, such as booking systems for hotels and car hire companies and the like.

All of these websites are based on traditional business values and are simply using the Internet as an extension to business practices that have been around for many years and were previously achieved using printed documents and the telephone. However, the 21st century although still very young is moving very fast. People are now finding many new ways to make money that never existed before. I am going to skip over the multi-billion ideas like Google and Facebook. Instead I will concentrate more on the cottage industry type websites that are making money for many people around the world. In some instances they are becoming very rich and for many others they are very comfortably off.

The killer ideas

For me, the best illustration of this type of website was the million dollar homepage. This is an example of an idea that can only be used once. Nobody had ever done anything like it before.

The idea was very simple. Sell a million pixels of webspace at a dollar per pixel. This would buy the customer a small advert that would exist on the Internet for many years. The chap who thought of this idea made his million dollars in a few short months.

Many thousands of people tried in vain to copy him. However, the secret to the page was its uniqueness. Not only was it an idea that could not be copied, it was an idea that did not allow the creator to get repeat business.

I have to applaud him for this great idea. As rich as it made him it was only a short-term idea. It is the long-term ideas that are more worthwhile. Imagine setting up a website that makes you comfortable for the rest of your life.

The long-term killer ideas

One of the main purposes of the Internet is information. We are all hungry for information that we think will either satisfy our curiosity in some way or somehow improve us. If you are to make money from information it must be interesting, relevant, useful and plentiful. I would also include humour in this bracket. Whilst not strictly a term that could be considered as information, it is something which many of us are seeking. How better to improve your day than a good laugh?

If you can write enough information in an informative and engaging way you will start to win fans. By constantly updating this information and constantly finding new ways to make it more useful and relevant to the reader, you will slowly build up a following.

There are experts out there on self-improvement, slimming, search engine optimisation and all manner of ways to improve people's lives. The better you are at engaging with the reader, the more readers will come and visit your website.

So how do you make money from the website?

So you now have all your visitors, what you need to do is to introduce advertising onto your website. The quickest and easiest way to start with this is to sign up to Google's AdSense programme. If your site is getting 100 visitors per day then you might earn a few pounds per month. If you start getting 1000 visitors per day then the income starts to become more serious and you can think about affiliate marketing programmes and banner advertising.

If you think you have reached the site's limit of readership then you could always create a second site in the same way and then a third and so on. In time, you could find you are earning a nice steady income for just spending a few hours a day writing about what you know best.

Never stop writing

In order for this to work for the long term, you must constantly add your new information to your website. If you stop, then the readership will drop very sharply and very quickly. So you have to be in it for the long term in order to benefit in the long term.

Good luck!

Fri 1 July 2011 17:37:37

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