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What is the Optimal Screen Width for a Great Business Website?

What screen width should you design your own Business Website for?
The answer to this question is not easy.

There are many different screen resolutions out there.
When you add in the additional complications of which browser (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera…), which platform type (Mac, PC…) and whether the user has resized the screen to a particular width, there are a myriad of combinations of screen sizes.

What does this mean to me for the Design of my Business Website?

You want the best possible presentation of your Business Website in the most browsers possible.
If you design your own Business Website for high resolution screens, then those who have a lower resolution will be forced to use the scroll bars to see all of your content.
The opposite side of the coin is that if you design your Business Website for a smaller resolution screen, then those who view your Business Internet site on larger resolution screens will see wasted space to the left or right or both of your website.

Current trends of Great Internet sites

A fantastic resource to show the latest trends is Browser Display Statistics.
I am a great fan of the site and so am pleased to offer an external link to them.
This can benefit Search Engine Optimisation (see How to Make Links Work for your Business Website)

According to w3schools, as of January 2011, there are 0% of visitors viewing on 640 pixel wide screens or less.
However, we at AB Publish and the AB Publish Business Website Creation System still offer this as an option. The reason is that people may resize their windows. In which case, a narrow, stylish Business Website could be just what is required.

In order to select a great Internet Design which will render perfectly in a screen of 640 pixels, select a “Very Narrow” page width on your AB Publish Business Website Design Software panel.

Looking at the statistics from w3schools, a screen width of 1024 seems to be the minimum and so you can select “Wide” page width on your AB Publish Business Website Design Software panel.

Concluding thoughts on the Optimum Width for a Fantastic Business Website

There is no easy answer.
In addition, no-on can predict the future.

The best you can do for your organisation is to fill you Business Website with useful and relevant information. Concentrate on the contents of your Internet site and check that the information is relevant to the maximum number of visitors.

The alternative is a more “fluid” Business Website Design, and I intent to cover this in detail in a future article.

However, I promise that we at AB Publish will continue to offer the best ever, easiest control panel around. This will provide the option for all widths for your Business Website.

The result - you can create your own Business Website in your own unique way.

Fri 18 March 2011 12:44:17

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