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What Should I Put On My Website?

Most businesses come to the conclusion that they need a website. For some businesses such as e-commerce shops it is obvious what must be included on the website.

However, for other businesses this is less obvious and we all tend to just copy the pages that other businesses similar to ours have on their websites.

In my opinion, deciding on the content of your website is extremely important and one in which many businesses put little or no thought.

The first thing you must remember is that you have two audiences. Customers and search engines. It is vital to take both into consideration and to design your site with both audiences in mind.

The first audience you must consider is:

Your Customers (old, new and potential)

When designing your site for your audience you must remember that human behaviour on the Internet is different to human behaviour in normal life. Your customer will be judgemental and impatient.

People decide if a website looks good and professional in a split second. So the design and look of your website is very important. It must create a first-class impression upon first glance. If it does not, then customers who view your website may judge your business to be less than professional.

They are also impatient. If you have a site that is designed in Flash with all the latest gismos to dazzle them but takes 20 seconds to load up, you could lose them. Impatience on the Internet is extreme to say the least. Your page should pop up and be readable within a second or two.

Follow the Two Click Rule

Nothing on your site should be more than two clicks away from any page. If your customer has to click three or four times to find something on your website then the only ones who get there will be the most determined. Most of your customers simply will not bother.

Use Headlines

Most customers will not read the text on your web pages. Most people skim websites to find what they are looking for. So whilst text is very important (as we shall see below), it must be broken up by easy-to-read and attention-grabbing headlines so that even a quick skim will give the reader a clear idea of what your business is about.

Make Your Contact Details Obvious

The vast majority of existing customers who look up your website will be looking for a telephone number. So make it obvious throughout your site preferably what the number is or at the very least, where is can be found.

The Search Engines

I mentioned above that your customers will not read your site but will skim it. Search Engines such as Google will read your site. The more pages and the more text the better.

This text should be relevant and should read well to human eyes. Google will make good use of this and index your pages so that people can find the relevant pages by using their search service.

So don't forget:

And Google will love your site!

Tue 22 February 2011 13:04:57

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