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What to look for in Website Creation Software

Website Creation SoftwareA great looking professional Internet Website is a vital tool to all businesses and organisations.

Website Creation Software does the hard work for you and gives you the freedom to concentrate on the look and feel of your site.

Website Creation Software is technically known as Content Management Systems (CMS).

But what makes a good Website Creation Software System?

How to choose the right Content Management System for your specific business needs?

And what are the goals of Website Creation Software packages?

The goal of Website Creation Software

Website Creation Software allows those who have no technical or programming knowledge to produce and publish great looking websites. The technical aspects are managed by the Website Creation Software leaving the actual Website Design to be developed by the user. This means that the structure of the Website, the choice of navigation style, the layout of the pages, the colour and font of the contents and the overall conceptual design can be performed with ease and by someone who has little or no knowledge of the Internet.

There are many Website Creation Software offerings and Content Management Systems, so what makes a good one?

The Website Creation Software must be intuitive and easy to use
Yes there is always the help text and documents (or even in some cases telephone support) but the overall feel of the interface must be one with which you are comfortable and which you feel you can work.

It must be as easy to with a pre-defined template with colours and menu structures already defined as it is to start from scratch where the only limit is your imagination.

The resulting Website has to be technically correct
There is a great website that checks the validity of Web pages and this will check the pages meet the latest standards. For example, all pages produced with our AB Publish Website Creation Software and Content Management Software meet these standards.

The Content Management System or Website Creation Software should be future-proof
The Internet is in constant evolution and as such new standards, recommendation and trends emerge all the time. What is valid today may be outdated tomorrow…what looks modern and fits within the current Internet trends may be unfashionable tomorrow.
At AB Publish, the Content Management System you will use is unique as it is held in a central repository and can therefore be extended, amended or developed to follow all the latest Internet Standards and recommendations. You can be 100% sure that the Website Creation Software you use will always be cutting edge.

A second line of help must be available
Even if the Website Creation Software is intuitive and easy to use, there will always be exceptions where a little advice is required.
Contacting a ‘real’ person must be a simple process.
At AB Publish we have decided to provide two easy accesses to contact a person and obtain additional help or advice:

Concluding thoughts on what to look for in Website Creation Software

Internet Website Creation Software enables those who have no knowledge of the internet or any programming language to produce professional high-quality Internet Websites.  Graphics, Images, fancy text styles and colours and even videos can be integrated effortlessly into the Internet site.

Click free trial of Website Creation Software to see how easy it is to have your business website up and running within minutes.
Our Content Management System is better than the rest ;)

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