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When you create a Business Website make links work

Links play a vital part of your website design.Making Links Work on Business Websites
They are explored in the article How to make links work for your Business Website

This explains how links (short for hyperlink and basically anything that can be clicked and followed to display a target document or page) are essential to your Business Website. For example it is links that make up the navigation of your organisation's Internet site.

By selecting which links to click on, your visitors select which of your pages he will see.

However, there is an etiquette and standards which you should follow to ensure your Business Website is seen as a Great Business Website


Make your links obvious

99 % of websites display links in a blue colour and as underlined text. If you do use a different colour, then leaving them underlined will usually mean your visitors will correctly identify your links. Conversely if you decide to remove the underline, then leaving the text in a blue colour (and ensuring this is a distinct colour from the rest of the text on the page) will be interpreted by most visitors as a clue that the text is a link. It is best to use both underlined and blue text (as on the AB Publish Internet site) but as a minimum use one of the other.

There is an exception. The links in your menu options do not have to follow this rule. As long as the menu is distinct and the links can be clearly seen to be menu items, they can be different. On the AB Publish Internet site, the position of the menu clearly marks the options as being clickable, even if they are neither underlined nor blue. The blue and underlined standard is for links within the main page of text.


Don't over underline

Visitors to your Business Website will expect underlined words to be links. If you underline to emphasise something, your visitors will be annoyed when they try and click on the word for further information only to find it is not a link. Either use a strong text or an italic text in order to draw attention to a word of phrase. Another solution is to use a different colour.

The AB Publish Website Creation System control panel is one of the simplest around. You just type in the text and upload your photos to publish it to the Internet and then manage the contents from anywhere, anytime. This includes changing the colours, making text bold, or making text italic. It is easy to create your own stylish website and to customise it to look exactly as you want.


Make your links descriptive

The links on your Business Website should describe what they link to. The following examples show good and bad versions of the same link:

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There are 3 good reasons for this:

Increased accessibility for people with disabilities. Assistive Technology (a general term including assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people) has its place on the Internet. Many AT devices can be set to jump from link to link, reading only the link text until the user finds the link he wishes to click. How much more useful is daily specials as compared to click here to one of your visitors looking to become a customer and take advantage of one of your organisation's special offers.

Search engine optimisation since Google, Yahoo and most other main Search Engines take a close look at the text they find in links. The words you choose to make up the link are usually rated higher for use in the Search Engine Result Pages. For example the link to our home page Create your own Business Website with AB Publish is more optimised than Create your own Business Website with AB Publish

Improved usability as visitors will instantly identify which links are useful to them. Removing confusion will ensure your visitors to your Business Website will quickly find what they are looking for. It has been shown that visitors tend to browse Internet Website pages and not read all the text. By keeping links underlined and in a different colour, their eyes will be drawn to the parts they are most interested in, and they will be able to decide whether the information is relevant to them or not.


Don't let your links escape

There are 3 main types of links:

Inbound links are incoming links from an external Internet site into your Business Website

Outbound links are the opposite of inbound links - they are links on your Business Website that point to external websites such as partners or sites offering additional information

Internal links (or Cross Links) are the links to the different pages or sections within your own Business Website

The third type (Internal Links) can be menu options, text links within paragraphs to open up different pages on your Internet site or any other link that leads to an area on your internet space. These should not open new windows. It is really annoying to suddenly find your browser clogged up with a different tab for different pages on a website or worse, to find different versions of your browser open for each page on the website. Keep internal links internal - your navigation system will allow your visitors to orientate themselves and find the information they need without having to open new windows.

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