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Which Software Should I Use to Create My Website?

There is so much more to a website than what you see. Behind the scenes there is much going on about which you need to know but very few people do know. It is the code that creates your website, otherwise known as HTML.

As a bespoke web designer, I always took pride in the fact that the websites I created were hand coded. The main advantages to this were that I was in complete control of the website, it was easier to ensure the website worked in multiple browsers and operating systems and also that the website was easy for search engines to read.

The worst offenders

Compare this to software that is used to create a website. Historically, one of the worst offenders was Microsoft FrontPage. It is old software that is no longer sold but many people still use this to create their websites. I would recommend strongly against this. In order to achieve its goals for laying out the website as you would like it, the programming in the background spews out HTML code in an extremely inefficient manner. This clouds the content on your site making the page render much more slowly and also making it more difficult for search engines to read.

I do not wish to over-exaggerate the negative impact but surely any negative impact on your website is too much.

A current piece of software with similar problems (albeit to a lesser extent) is Adobe Dreamweaver. It always adds in unnecessary code that is not required for most web pages. So again, this is not software which I could recommend.

True, it is very popular with professional and amateur web designers alike and there are many who would disagree with me. However, I believe that this software could harm your site in terms of rendering speed and search engine optimisation.

The automatic online website creation solution that behaves as hand-coded

The AB Publish control panel that allows you to create your own website was hand coded. So although the website that you create with it is automated, the original code was created by hand meaning that not only will your website look great, but in the background in the hidden but very important HTML code you can rest assured that it is built on very strong foundations.

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