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I was with a client today and they were showing me a website for a business owned by a friend. My reaction was that it was awful. It had garish colours, far too much confusing information and navigation and gave the overall impression that it was built by an amateur.

Then my client told me that his site was by far the most successful in its arena. He used his website to sell his product in the thousands and as a result he was a very successful and rich business man.

Focus on your website's objectives

This led me to thinking about how we focus our attention on websites. What I find is that most of my customers care that their website looks professional with the right colour scheme. Whilst this is very important, it also occurred to me that this was usually their most central focus on their website and in many cases their sole focus.

This approach is clearly wrong. But I think it is an approach of which many of us are are guilty. We like our great looking business cards, great looking premises, swish looking office furniture and the latest mobile phone. It all makes us feel we have arrived in business and feeds our egos. However, very little of this has anything to do with business success.

I learned quite a bit more about the guy and I learned that he possessed the same quality I have discussed many times in these business blogs. He has boundless energy and is constantly looking for ways to make sales. He never stops and always pushes forward. It is another reminder that success in business is about just getting off your backside and doing it. It is also about never resting on your laurels and constantly making changes and improvements to ensure that existing success continues and grows.

Keep your focus on selling your business

Beyond this, it is also about focus. There is always rightly a lot of pride involved in creating a website for your business. But you should make sure that this pride does not get in the way of its true objective. If you have a website that looks great and functions well then that is fine. If you have done everything right in terms of search engine optimisation and marketing and you are getting lots of visitors as well then that is also fine. But if you are not getting any business from your website then clearly something is wrong.

The exact objective of a website varies slightly depending upon what type of business you are in. But mainly it involves encouraging existing clients to do more business with you and encouraging new clients to come to you. It's about increasing sales. It's about enhancing your business success. If you forget this focus then creating your website was not a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

So do not be afraid to change your website on a regular basis. Invite people to contact you, give them an incentive if you can and measure how many people respond. If it does not work then drop it and try something else. If it does work then keep it and move onto something new.

You invest a lot of time energy and money in creating and running your business and you invest much into creating and running your website. All of this investment needs to pay off so as well as following the art of constantly working at your business, follow the art of keeping focused and ensure that the success of your business continues and grows.

Thu 14 April 2011 12:55:46

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