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Can You Get Free Hosting For Your Business Website?

No such thing as a free lunch

In the early days of the Internet, computer magazines were jam packed full of adverts offering many things for free and the main offering was free website hosting. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and indeed as far as web hosting is concerned, there is no such thing as free.

There is something about the Internet that affects the minds of right thinking people. There is an expectation that all you obtain on the Internet is either free or costs next to nothing. The reality is of course, far from this ideal.

Let us think sensibly for a moment. In order to host a website, you need a computer (usually a server but a normal PC will do) that is connected to the Internet. Computer's cost money and so do Internet connections. Although it is perfectly feasible for you to host your website on your own PC at home (although it would have to be switched on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year), professional web hosts have their servers sitting in secure data centres. All of this costs money, quite a lot of money in fact.

Why some companies offer free web hosting

Logic dictates, therefore, that to offer free web hosting is commercial suicide. How is it then, that some companies seem to offer this? Well in order to take advantage of such offers you need to give over your details which will include your email address. These companies will at every opportunity try and sell you their premium services which do cost money. And why shouldn't they? They have to be able to earn back the money they have invested with their servers and the like.

So if we extend this logic further, it can only pay for a company to extend such an offer if the premium service offers something much better than their free service. Therefore, there is always something lacking in a free service. How else can they tempt you to move from free to paid-for web hosting?

If you want safe secure and reliable web hosting for your business then there is no option in my opinion but to pay for it. It is not expensive in the main and the costs tend to go up with the success of a website. We should all hope that one day we have to hire a full rack of servers to service all of our customers.

We at AB Publish do not offer free web hosting. We do offer a free 30 day free trial to try out our services with the obvious motivation that we want you to continue and pay us for our easy website creation service. Other than that, all of our prices are published clearly and openly because we do not want to be part of this dishonest side of the Internet that feigns the possibility of a free lunch (or hosting).

Tue 19 April 2011 12:19:22

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