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Create Business Websites - A Team Effort?

Create Business Websites - A Team Effort ?The first entry in this AB Publish blog was written in mid December - just under 2 months ago. The idea behind AB Publish is based on a simple and brilliant concept - provide a platform to allow users to easily create their own websites.

If both blog and idea are to succeed, it must be really easy for users to create their own business internet sites, and the people behind the idea must be motivated to grow, develop and market the business of AB Publish.

This is where the team effort comes in.

There will always be examples where individuals or one-man bands succeed and flourish in the business marketplace.

However, these tend to be exceptions.

Working with people, bouncing ideas off peers, brainstorming with colleagues – all help in 2 ways:

AB Publish has already grown since its conception mid December. What is interesting is that the first point has not changed at all.

Since I have become involved, I have challenged, questioned and poked the original concept. I have tried to find holes in it…I have tried to improve it…I have tried to shake it to see if it stands up to scrutiny. So far – it does. It remains the same as the first day – offer the best service to small and medium sized businesses and give them the best value internet site to advertise their business.

It is the second point where I find a difference.

I will give one example. AB Publish offers the best platform for businesses to create their Internet site. However the real difference of AB Publish is to allow firms to EASILY create a website.

One person’s definition of easy may be another man’s impossibility. What is glaringly obvious for one person is a complete mystery to another. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own ideas.

It is not always easy to work as a team – it requires being open to criticism, being ready to defend and justify choices, and being large enough to accept compromise. However, the result is always an improvement on the one-man band.

There is one last part of the team effort which is at least as important or even more important.

That is the team effort of working with your customers.

Customer feedback is the most crucial step in ensuring the focus of the business and the focus of the employees are on the correct common goal. Remember: an incorrect common goal leads to no customers! No customers leads to no business!

AB Publish does not just welcome feedback and team-effort from customers – AB Publish encourages and asks for feedback and team-effort from customers.

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