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Create Your Own Website and Change Your Point of View

I desgined a very technical website for a customer some time ago and although I knew it worked very well and did everything that they had asked for, there were not happy with it. In fact, they came up with a big list of things that must change in order for them to be happy with it.

I was devastated by this which I must admit somewhat knocked my confidence. I was still sure inside myself that I had created a website which exactly matched their requirements but for some unknown reason they were deeply unsatisfied.

I began to question my abilities at both website creation and also at my negotiating skills as it was clear that I had failed miserably in this attempt.

Burying one's head in the sand

After this awful meeting my reaction to the situation became increasingly negative. Each time I spoke with the customer I evaded the subject of this new website (interestingly so did they). I had buried my head in the sand and as much as I tried to avoid the subject, it was always there, nagging at the back of my mind.

Fortunately, during that time, I continued to have many successes with the websites I design and despite this dreadful experience, I was rebuilding my confidence in my abilities. So when I next spoke with my customer, I suddenly raised the subject of the website (surprising myself as much as the customer). I reminded myself that this was my profession and it is something which I already know I do well and there is no doubt that I will overcome this situation, I will find a way.

So I arranged an appointment presenting myself with a "fait accomplit" that I must resolve the website's shortcomings before that date.

So I returned to the website in question to try and find the areas I should improve. To my amazement, I could not find any. It worked really well and did exactly what they required. Clearly, the problem was not with my website but with my customer's perception of the website.

I thought long and hard about this and I arrived at the conclusion that because the website had to be very flexible allowing the user to do all manner of things, it was inherently complicated. So I did not need to change anything, I simply needed to change the presentation to make it as easy to use as possible.

I can design websites after all!

So when I went to visit the customer, I first of all asked them to show me how they got on with an established website of the same genre. I knew my site had the same capabilities, I just wanted to know what was missing in my presentation. Low and behold, my client had the same difficulties in getting started that they had experienced with my website. The big difference was that they already knew this established website was successful and therefore persisted with it until they got started. They had not given the same respect and consideration to my website.

Naturally, when they then tried with my website they found it worked in exactly the same way and they found it intuitive, efficient and it even had a few things which the established website did not. So I had turned round the entire situation with my website by simply getting my client to approach it from a different point of view.

An appeal to customers of AB Publish

The objective to this article is to appeal to all of you out there who feel they cannot get started with creating their own website. If you get stuck at the beginning, do not let self-doubt enter your head. We have created something very easy to use here at AB Publish. So please contact us. You can email us, you can telephone us or you can contact us on live support. I am certain that all you will need is a little bit of help and after that there will be no stopping you.

And then you can truly brag to your friends and customers that you created your own website!

Wed 20 April 2011 14:03:22

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