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Creating a Great Logo For Your Website

There is something that can make an incredible difference to your website and that is a great logo.

But what do I mean by a logo?

In theory, a logo is a symbol or graphic that is shown next to the name of your business that gives you an immediately recognisable identity. However, for the purposes of this article, I would describe the logo as the part of the website at the top that identifies your business. This includes the business name along with any graphics that go alongside it.

The tools provided by AB Publish allow you to create a simple text logo. You have various fonts to choose from and can set it to be any colour you like. Whilst we are proud of this flexible option, I would still recommend that you invest some time and/or money in coming up with a great logo to show on your website.

Logo Software Programs

You could pay someone to create your logo for you. This can work out quite good value for money but finding a great logo designer is quite difficult. Another way is to use some software and have a go yourself. I would recommend using any of these programs:

How to create your own logo

First of all choose a font that presents your name in the best light. Most of the fonts that Windows comes with are very good but there are also some great free fonts on the web if you search on Google.

Once you have chosen your font, experiment with bold text and italics and choose how your name best looks. Also choose whether you have all capitals or all lower case or a mixture of the two.

One this has been set then go about choosing a colour. Whatever colour you choose for your logo will also be the basis of your choice of colours for your website. Experiment with different colours and also try using gradients as this can give texture and depth to the words.

Lasttly, you can (although it is not absolutely essential) add a picture, graphic or symbol that goes with the text. This should be simple and can be something that represents the business that you do or is something simply unique that looks great and identifies your business.

Once you have done this then go to your AB Publish control panel and upload the graphic you have created. It can make such a tremendous difference to your site giving it a real professional look.

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