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Is it Easy to Create a Business?

Alan Sugar has been quoted recently that he thinks it is easy to start a business. I have been reading many posts on blogs and forums about this and the business community seems to be split as to whether or not they agree with this sentiment. Whatever your views though, in making this comment I think Lord Sugar has sparked a very interesting debate.

Business is about going ahead and doing it

What I like about Lord Sugar's comment is that it supports a view that I have put forward in several articles on this website. A substantial part of business success is about getting off your backside and doing it. Most of us who have planned to start our own businesses have been plagued with self doubt as to whether or not it is something we can really do. Will it succeed, will I have cash flow problems, what about employment law, how will I raise the finance? And the list goes on.

Whilst it is foolhardy to just push ahead and not think about any of these things, there are two ways to view these aspects of running a business. By the way, did you notice I said aspects and not problems?

The negative views of the employed

One way of looking at them is the way that most people who are employed look at these aspects. When I told all my friends that I was giving up a successful career to start up my own web design business, all of my friends who were employed warned me about all the many pitfalls. They would tell me that competition is rife as many people are starting as a web designer, losing my monthly salary will cause great hardship, I will end up working many more hours. They were viewing these aspects not only as problems but as real reasons not to take the risk.

The positive views of the self-employed

Whereas my friends who had their own businesses the reaction was entirely different. All they could see were the positive aspects of what I was doing. And it was true, every one of the foreseen problems was true and not only that, once I started I discovered another 100 problems lurking in the background that I had not even considered. However, you deal with these problems one by one and spend your time searching for ways to minimise them and eradicate them. In fact, this is one of the most exciting aspects of running your own business. Your are the one in control! You have complete freedom to decide how each one of these problems will be dealt with. It is this freedom that I love the most about running my own business.

For example:

I could go on with many more examples but in summary, however many problems you foresee in your business, I am here to tell you that there will be many more than you can imagine. However, each problem you overcome (and you will overcome them) becomes an inspirational victory that spurs you on to do better.

It is easy to create a business when you have the right attitude

So is it easy to create a business? I believe he answer is an emphatic yes. It is easy as long as you are prepared to meet all aspects of business life head on and to treat them as exciting new learning opportunities. It is attitude that will get you there.

A final tip

By the way, I would also recommend you write a blog keeping a record of every stage of creating your business. Apart from the potential of helping other business owners going through the same stages, I have to tell you that I have found writing this blog to be very therapeutic and much of the advice I offer on here, is directed at me as much as the reader!

Fri 6 May 2011 10:01:32

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