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The First Snag

Any web designer will tell you that when you create a website, you spend two thirds of your time coming up with the design and a third of your time adding the content and doing the technical bits. The creative side is time consuming but the tricky technical bits are much easier, relatively speaking.

But with some sites, you end up spending an inordinate amount of time with a very small problem that takes an age to solve. Sometimes it is because you have a stray apostrophe in your code. it can be many things but in the vast majority of cases, the solution is unbelievably simple but a nightmare to find.

Well I added a simple contact form to my site yesterday in case anyone wants to contact me at this early stage. I have created many contact forms for many websites and I understand them so well, they just work. However, the contact form on this site isn't working and I don't know why!!

It works on my local PC when I test it so it must be a server setting I am ignoring. I don't know.

So my task for today is to find this annoying glitch instead of spending my time creating this wonderful online facility.

I'll keep you posted!

Thu 16 December 2010 11:10:31

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