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The Secrets of Search Engine Optimisation

Sites like AB Publish make it very easy to create your own website. All businesses now require their own websites even if it is only to serve those customers who use Google instead of calling directory enquiries or looking in the phone book.

But if you want to pull in visitors to your website to truly increases the success of your business, it is essential to be visible on the search engines. That is why it is good to have the skill of Search Engine Optimisation.

It is curious to me that many people have heard of phrases such as Meta Tags. So I would like to spend a small amount of time discussing these, if only to emphasise what is important and what is not important.

The Description Meta Tag

This tag is very important. When you see your site in Google there is often (but not always) a description shown underneath that is not visible on your web page. This is usually taken from this tag.

So the importance of the description meta tag is to sell that page once it is visible on the search engines. It does little to help you with appearing on page one of the search results.

The Keywords Meta Tag

This is the most commonly known of meta tags and is also ironically the least useful. In the early days of the Internet it was used to tell the search engines were important to a particular page. Many sites stuffed this tag with popular keywords and found they magically reached the top of the search results.

However, Google do not use it and the very few sites that use it attach little importance to it. So by all means put a list of keywords in your meta tags, but do not spend much time on it as its unimportance cannot be over emphasised.

AB Publish gives you complete control over both of these tags and they can be customised by page!

Site Content

This is the first thing that you should get right. Google and other search engines love lots of text content and lots of relevant pages. Write in proper English and remember to use your key phrases with reasonable frequency (but don't over-do it) and you are half way there.

If the page contains the key phrases frequently and the text reads normally to a human, then you have got it right.

Inbound Links

Each time another site has a link to your site, the search engines see this as a vote for your website and therefore each link adds to your site's visibility in the search engines. If you can control the words that appear in the link then this becomes even more invaluable as Google places a lot of importance on linked phrases.

Page Title and Headings

The title of your page (in the title tag) and the headings should also contain the key phrases. But again, these should read normally to a human or they will not work.

500 Other Things

Get the above things right and you are more than half way there in getting your site to the first page of the search engines for your chosen key phrases. But the difference that gets you 100% of the way is to do the other 500 things that enhance your site's visibility in the search engines. That is too much for me to write on one day so I will regularly return to this subject in future entries to cover the many other things you can do to get thousands of visitors to your website.

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