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A few short years ago, there were not many people who knew how to create a website. The few who did, spent many months learning how to code everything by hand; in fact, that is how I learned web design.

Quite early on, there were some software packages developed to help with this. Dreamweaver has been one of the most popular Website Creation Tools and still is today. However, one must spend time learning how to use it. Whilst it simplifies the web design process, I feel it produces over-complicated code which can interfere with the speed of your website and also impede your ability to do well on the search engines.

A more popular piece of software was Microsoft's Frontpage. This introduced a whole raft of ameteur web designers coming onto the scene. It was possible to design a good looking website using Frontpage but this was inspite of its interface, not because of it. The vast majority of sites produced by it were plain awful.

Online Website Creation

 Move forward a couple of years an Open Source Website Creation tools started to become popular such as Joomla. Joomla is free and open source and can quickly produce some great websites. But still, it takes time to learn how to use the interface and one needs a certain amount of IT ability to install it in the first place.

Joomla is now fast being superceded by Wordpress. Wordpress is much simpler to install (but still beyond the capabilities of people who are not technically minded). Once installed, it is very flexible with many free templates and plug-ins available allowing one to create a business website without the aid of a professional web designer.

A New Dawn in Website Creation 

And so it is that we are now entering the dawn of Web 2.0.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail and Google Documents have produced an environment that brings us all closer to the Internet by making us interact with it like never before as well as a movement for software to exist online rather than be installed on a PC.

The advantages are many. It brings us into a truly portable world where we can access our email, accounts, documents and our websites from any computer with a web browser.

And this was the major influence behind us starting AB Publish. We believe the interface we have created is by far the easiest to use on the Internet. You can create a great looking website in minutes with much flexibility to enrich everything that your website can offer.

This is just the beginning though. We promise to continue to innovate and improve the services offered at AB Publish to ensure that your website can keep up with the latest trends.

Who knows what is next. Web 3.0 maybe? What will it look like? What will it do?

It is exciting not knowing but at the same time, comforting to know that AB Publish will always keep up with these trends to come.

Mon 14 February 2011 11:26:14

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